Campus Recreational Center Offers Fitness and Fun This Fall

The Campus Recreation Center of Western Carolina University, which is located beside the University Center, will have plenty to offer students, faculty, and staff this fall semester. The center houses various physical fitness programs including Intramurals, Group Xercise, Personal Training, and Club Sports.

New and returning students, along with faculty/staff, will find various opportunities within Intramurals to build relationships with other students while engaging in physical activity. Intramurals offers team sports along with individual, one-day competitive tournaments. Participants of league play must sign-up a team. The teams’ season will consist of five scheduled games during the regular season, and based on their record, they will move on to the playoffs. Teams that win the All-Campus Championship will receive free T-shirts and an invitation to various regional tournaments.

The following are league play:

• Dodge Ball- Men, Women, and Coed Divisions
• Ultimate Frisbee- Men, Women, and Coed Divisions
• Flag Football- Men, Women, and Coed Divisions
• Water Polo- Men and Women Divisions
• Indoor Soccer- Men and Women Divisions
• Volleyball- Coed Division
• 3-on-3 Basketball- Men and Women Divisions

One-day tournaments require participants to just show up to the location on time in order to play. Each tournament winner will receive an Intramural Champion t-shirt.

All of the following are one-day tournaments:

• 4 Square- Men and Women
• Tennis Singles and Doubles- Men and Women
• Softball Skills- Men and Women
• Disc Golf- Men and Women
• Bowling- Men and Women
• Golf Accuracy- Men and Women
• Cross Country Meet- Men and Women
• Racquetball Singles and Doubles- Men and Women
• Swim Meet- Men and Women
• Table Tennis Doubles- Men, Women, and Coed
• Basketball Accuracy- Men and Women

Dates and times of each event are still pending. Interested individuals should look for the calendar of events at Valley Ballyhoo or at the Campus Recreational Center.
Group X will host the Group X Jam, a class sampler on Thursday, Aug. 27 from 5:30-7 pm in the campus rec. gymnasium. Participants will come dressed to work out and have the opportunity to try several different class formats. The cost of this sampler session is free and allows one to win prizes, pick up a Group X schedule and register for upcoming Group X sessions. Available classes will include Aqua Xercise, Power Pump, Pilates, Spinervals, Yoga, and more.

For a complete schedule, visit the