A tight trend in clothing


What’s a girl supposed to do when she has a hot first date but the weather isn’t on her side? She can’t just throw on jeans and a t-shirt, no that just won’t do. She wants to show off her curves, and dress up for the big night, so she puts on a cute sweater dress and tights, then puts on her best pair of boots.
            Tights have become an essential fashion item for women today, especially here at Western. The weather turns too cool for cute summer dresses and shorts in mid-September, and doesn’t get warm enough to bring out the spring styles until late March, when the semester is almost over. A girl can’t wear plain old jeans everyday of the week; the solution—a cute pair of tights dressed up with a flashy top and the necessary boots. This outfit has made dressing up and looking cute possible for students at WCU.
            This fashion trend just won’t seem to go away. Even in warm weather girls wear tights for a sense of comfort. The legs are one of the most popular features when it comes to what a man looks at. During the winter, girls don’t spend as much time in the sun and can’t maintain that summer tan; tights are often used to cover up the pale legs when girls still want to wear dresses. Let’s be honest, during the winter when it’s cold outside and we aren’t wearing shorts every day, it’s easy to skip a shaving or two on the legs. There is nothing attractive about a natural pair of socks on a woman, so once again tights are used to cover up the legs when they don’t look their best.
            In the workplace tights are used to make on outfit that may not be as conservative as it should be, work. To save money, instead of going out and buying “grown-up” clothes to wear at work, try a pair of tights under the little denim number you wore out last night; tights offer just the right amount of coverage you need to make the dress acceptable in the professional world. Tights are also an essential part of the wardrobe because they can be worn with a pair of flats to go to class in, and can instantly be dressed up by adding a pair of heels; on colder days, through on your Uggs, or cowboy boots over your tights and you are ready to go!
            What started as having a simple black and brown pair tucked in the closet to still look fashionable on a rainy day, tights have become an essential part of the wardrobe. Tights can now be found in a wide range of colors, full length that reach the ankles and can be worn with flats, or mid-calf tights to wear with heels for a fun night out. Now, tights are being manufactured to look like denim and have fake pockets on the back to give the illusion of being a pair of jeans. If you’re feeling wild and want to add spice to that little black dress, a pair of animal print tights might just be the perfect touch. With spring approaching and new fashions emerging, it will be interesting to see if tights will remain in the feminine wardrobe.