Tanning beds popularity grow in spring


With springtime in sight and the anticipation of warmer weather, tanning beds are “hotter” now than ever. Whether it is to have the bronze glow, avoid sunburn, or just look better in your Spring Break attire, this upcoming season keeps the tanning beds lit.
Kim Hall, owner of Totally Tan in Sylva said, “We have three times as many customers in the spring as any other season.”
Tanning salons around Cullowhee and Sylva are certainly not hurting for business this time of year.
Morgan Carver, a junior at WCU said, “I go a few times before it gets warm so that when the sun comes out so I don’t get sun burnt.”
Hannah Weant, a junior at WCU admitted that she does go to the tanning bed more in the spring. She said, “I go because I want to be tan for the summer and especially Spring break, I don’t even think about the health risks when I go.”
There are many studies, and written articles preaching to us about the negative health risks with tanning beds. However, many students agreed that the positive benefits overshadowed the negative risks.
A. Quincy Long, a senior at WCU said, “Knowing that something is bad generally doesn’t stop me. I do a lot of things that I know are bad for me. I will deal with them later in life.”
While the risks of tanning beds are serious, positive benefits can also be found. Those with Vitamin D deficiencies can benefit positively from tanning beds. Since Vitamin D is predominantly found in seafood and dairy products, those who do not like seafood or dairy products do not get their recommended dose of Vitamin D. Tanning beds have also been proven to clear up skin, and can provide a sense of healthy well-being.
There are, in fact, ways to use tanning beds that could lower the risks of negative outcomes. Just like enjoying the outside sun, sunscreen can be used in the tanning bed to block some of the harmful rays. Also, choosing an appropriate time for your skin type is crucial. Using moisturizing lotion after lying can also help the skin rejuvenate. The negative effects of tanning beds should not be ignored, however as using tanning beds is a trend that will continue we should learn to take every possible precaution.
The reward of no tan lines can come with a price. However, like the saying goes, “Too much of anything will harm you in the end.” So if you lay in tanning beds to have the bronze glow, avoid sunburn, or just simply to look better in your spring attire, just remember to tan smart.