WCAT launches online site with special concert



WCAT, the cable radio station for Western Carolina University, has never really had much success. Now, the station has taken off in a whole new way. On Saturday night, March 13, in the UC Grand Room, WCAT hosted a concert starring rapper Eden “Eprhyme” Pearlstein and Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Fiet and local acts Kinjac and The Shiner Miners to celebrate the web launch of the station.
            “WCAT is the newest broadcast service of WCU’s Student Media program,” said Katherine Duff Smith, assistant director of Student Media and Marketing. “WCAT has been broadcasting exclusively to campus but is expanding their services to offer live audio streaming online.” 
            The day before the concert, both Eprhyme and Rabbi Shir sat down to talk with students about how being religious and performing rap can go hand-in-hand. They opened in a traditional Jewish fashion—a haunting, melodious song which both sang and Rabbi Shir played acoustic guitar. Afterwards, the performers answered questions on how they grew up on, what led them to this life, and how the Jewish community views and accepts their work.
            Saturday night the concert went extremely well. Eprhyme with Rabbi Shir and special guest stars The Shiner Miners and Kinjac entertained a good-sized crowd. Stationmaster Shawn Strickland was pleased with the outcome.
            “The launch party was a big success,” Strickland said. “A great turn out and Eprhyme was awesome!”
            Strickland continued to explain why WCAT was so cool and its future plans.
“WCAT is a great way to learn more about radio and how it works. It also gives you experience if that is a career choice… We hope to get up to around 30 DJ’s that do weekly shows. We also hope to get our website up and running allowing more than just Western Carolina’s campus to hear us.”
            If you have any suggestions for Strickland and his team, feel free to stop by the station at the Old Student Union Building across the street for Moore. You could also email Strickland at srstrickland1@gmail.com.