Rumor Has It…Cook Out in Sylva?

(Editor’s Note: The following is part of a frequent series featured in the Western  Carolinian where writers explore whether rumors are true or false.)

So, there was a rumor buzzing around Sylva that a Cook Out restaurant was soon going to be built. How delicious! So many different flavored milkshakes, warm hush puppies, crispy chicken tenders, and fat hamburgers. Alas, though, this rumor is false. In fact, no one seems to know anything about it.

The Town Hall of Sylva stated, “We don’t know anything about that here.” They then directed me to Julie Spirro of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

“That is the type of thing that would be necessary to call the City of Sylva,” Spirro told me regretfully after saying she had not heard about a Cook Out. In other words, call the town hall. She then apologized sincerely that the rumor proved false.

For now, Sylva shall remain as it is with its KFC and gooey mashed potatoes, Taco Bell and its crunchy cinnamon twists, and Burger King with chilly Icees. Students will just have to keep wishing for the watermelon-flavored milkshakes and stomach-warming hush puppies to come to Sylva. If they desperately want Cook Out, however, they can travel to Asheville.