Corey Smith’s return rocked the Ramsey Center


For the second time, WCU hosted a fun-filled concert that featured the acoustic talent of Corey Smith who performed in the Ramsey Center on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Once again, students near and far arrived to the Ramsey Center in style to eagerly await a performance that certainly didn’t disappoint.

To incorporate the country music theme, many students arrived in cowboy boots and country attire, which gave off a country feel to the show.

“People danced, sang, and jumped all over the bottom floor,” said WCU Junior Jordan Griffin who attended with her sorority sisters. “I was sitting in the seats and it was boring. I would have liked to upgrade my ticket to move down to the floor to dance.”

Smith, who was dressed in flannel and wore sunglasses, gave off an energetic vibe as he performed that the audience fed off of, especially when he played the song “f-the po-po.”

“When f-the po-po came on, everyone got so excited,” said Griffin. “People were dancing and yelling – it was the song that everyone was waiting for.”

Smith is currently on tour promoting his album released last fall, titled “Keeping Up With the Joneses”.

According to Jeffrey Hughes, director of the University Center and who helped to plan Smith’s return to WCU, Smith’s last concert at the Ramsey Center was a success and said that a poll of students had showed they wanted Smith to come back.

Hopefully another poll this year will show how much students enjoyed Smith again, and if we cross our fingers maybe we can see him perform at WCU again in the near future.

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