Sidewalk from Sylva to Dillsboro complete

Construction of a sidewalk connecting the towns of Sylva and Dillsboro has been completed. The sidewalk lines US-Business 23 in Sylva and into Dillsboro.

Beginning on July 6, the sidewalk construction  has cost an estimated $72,000. During construction, traffic patterns were not interrupted and everything was on schedule. In charge was the Department of Transportation (DOT) with Jonathan Woodard at the helm.

“Overall, the construction went well… I’ve noticed a lot of people walking along the sidewalks,” Woodard said.

Adrienne Isenhower, Town Manger of Sylva, also noticed a positive reaction and excitement from citizens and students with the sidewalks.

Western Carolina sophomore Curtis Thompson said, “Yes, I would use the sidewalks.” Thompson frequently visits Dillsboro about “once a week… to eat.”

Senior Jasmine Morris, however, said she prefers to drive.

“I would not use them but I actually know some people that would… I rarely go to Dillsboro… but if I was car-less it would be awesome!”

Car or no car, Woodard said the project was a triumph and added, “I hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy that walk.”