Pride of the Mountains, Buckner, receives County Proclamation

As if marching in the 2011 Rose Parade in Pasadena Calif. wasn’t rewarding enough, director of Western Carolina University’s Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, Bob Buckner, received a proclamation in honor of his work and the band itself on Tuesday Jan. 18.

Buckner and one of the band’s assistant directors, Jon Henson, were in attendance to receive the honor at the Jackson County Commissioner’s meeting, which took place at the Justice Center in Sylva. Both directors said they felt honored to receive such an award.

“The proclamation was very flattering for me personally and was very much appreciated by our band members,” said Buckner. “To be honored by your community is the most special honor of all. I am very thankful to have had much of my career take place in this community and am very pleased by the proclamation.”

“When the band received the proclamation from Jackson County it was a great honor. I feel that the “Pride of the Mountains” and all its members have always been great supporters of Jackson County,” said Henson. “The students have given a lot of their time to perform at community functions for the county and they certainly represent our county and region very well.”

The success of the Pride of the Mountains is expected to continue and grow. Despite Buckner’s retirement this coming June, the Pride of the Mountains will continue to be involved with national events that support the University’s mission for national attention.


“The band is certainly not going to stop seeking out large venues and national events, said Henson. “Marching band is a great spokesman for the great work going on here in Cullowhee.”


“The ‘Pride of the Mountains’ will continue to be an important recruiting force for the university as they perform in exhibitions throughout the Southeast and continue to host the ‘Tournament of Champions’ band event,” said Buckner. “There will continue to be wonderful venues and events who would love to have the “Pride of the Mountains” involved with them.”