Mother and daughter’s relationship grow at local post office

Vangie Jones, alumni of Western Carolina University and her mother, Aletta Buchanan, have a unique relationship that not many people do not today. Since 2002 they have worked side-by-side at the United States Postal Office in Cullowhee.

While some could cringe of the thought of sharing a home life as well as a work environment with parents, Jones has found that it is a blessing.

“It has been an eye opening experience. I’ve learned a lot more about her by working with her. I’ve been able to see her talents that I normally would not see in a family setting,” said Jones. “She is smart, witty, thorough, efficient, and I could just brag about her all day.”

Jones decided to look into the profession when a family friend recommended she apply for the job. After starting part time in 1998, Jones decided she wanted to make the United States Postal Service her career.

“All full time employees have to take an exam; so I took the exam and when a full-time position opened in Cullowhee, I took it,” she said.

Jones recommended that her mother get a job at the United States Postal Service in 2002. Today they are both Sales Service and Distribution Associates.

“We get along so well. We help each other and have become great allies,” said Jones.

Jones said that working together with her mother has allowed them to become great friends while sharing the same workplace.

“I enjoy working with her and I hope a lot of people get the opportunity to work with a family member. It is and has been a great experience,” said Jones.