Artwork needed for UC Showroom

If you have been to the University Center recently, you may have noticed an empty showroom on the second floor by the Catamount Gifts and Clothing store.

This room should be filled with student artwork on display for others to admire and appreciate, but lately applications of artwork have been, well, nonexistent. Luckily, applications of art are still being accepted from students from any major, and it’s not too late to fill the empty showroom with that sculpture or painting you are so proud of.

Any art that is selected will go on display for a month, which will allow plenty of time the artwork and the artist to be recognized. A brochure is provided with each show and includes the name of the artist and an email address for any prospective buyers.

“It’s a big deal for an artist to get their stuff up and it’s great to put on a resume,” said Assistant Director of University Programs, Lori Davis. “It’s a good opportunity and an easy opportunity. I don’t know why more students are not applying year round.”

The Showroom, which was formerly a Java City, began when Davis suggested the room be used for a gallery of student art.

“I saw the need for a gallery on campus,” said Davis. “I suggested that we use the open room and everyone said it was probably a good idea.”

The Showroom has featured art ranging from ceramics, to paintings and printmaking. The room has also exhibited art shows while working with organizations such as the Art Student League.

In the past, the showroom displays have incorporated themes based on the art applications that are received. The themes have ranged from an organic “From the Earth” exhibit, which featured many ceramics, to an exhibit called “Experimental Materials,” which displayed types of printmaking.

No applications have been turned down yet, so any student who applies is likely to see their work in the showroom. Time is running out and this great opportunity may not be around forever, so submit your art now and you can reap the benefits later.