Student Government Association Senate considering new resolutions

A leaner Student Government Association Senate has taken office for the 2011-12 school year.

This year, the SGA Senate is smaller, going from 36 Senators to 12 Senators due to budget cuts. Student Body Vice President Alicia Page, who is over the Senate, is not concerned about the cut backs.

 “While our senate is smaller than it has been in years past, it is significantly more effective,” Page said. “These senators aren’t concerned with the paycheck at the end of the semester. They are concerned with how they can benefit this student body now.”

Page has a vision on how she wants the Senate to operate this year. She said that she sees this year’s Senate focusing on issues that concern Western Carolina University’s student body as a whole more so than past Senates.

 “In years past, I have seen resolutions about skateboarding, chalking, gambling–and while each of these issues were interesting, I didn’t see a real change on campus,” said Page. “This year students are addressing topics like parking, something every student has to deal with, communication between upper administration and the student body.”

The Senate is currently looking at six new resolutions for WCU. One resolution was passed on Thursday, Sept. 22, which requires a moment of silence to occur at athletic events on the weekend of Sept. 11.  Other resolutions have been tabled for further analysis.

Following are resolutions that are being considered:

Allowing UP program students to take part in a graduation ceremony after receiving their certification.

Requiring a MyCat notification six months in advance if a residence hall will be closing the following year.

Revising parking so commuters are able to park in the upper lot of Norton’s parking lot.

Moving the deadline for CoursEvals to the week before exam week.

Requesting to weigh the A+ for students in order to reward their exemplary efforts.