The Second City makes Western Carolina University “Laugh Out Loud”

The Second City presented “Laugh Out Loud” at Western Carolina University on Sept. 29. Audience members looking for humor filled the lower section of the Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Even with only five performers in the show, they were still able to keep their acts refreshing; each skit involved different cast members. Some of the skits required cast members to invade personal space, but their ability to remain comfortable with each other made the skit more believable.

Each skit caused a laugh out loud affect. One sketch about a couple that met online and had a date at The Bone Shack had the audience rolling. Other skits made reference to young relationships, as well as adult humor.

The improv portion of the night was fantastic, with members of the audience being able to yell out topics for the cast to perform. One of the topics was marching band, which resulted in one of the male cast members pretending he was a Catamount. Another topic was parks and recreation, in which the cast members responded by making jokes at the experience of the major.

Cast members also went out into the audience for an interactive part of the show. One section of the audience was the choir, another was a snapping section and the last section was “hand flags.” Together, under the direction of cursing cast members, the audience played the Queen original, “We Will Rock You.”

Overall, the show was an extravagant performance from a very talented group. I personally hope that the Second City Comedy Show comes back to Western Carolina again.