3Oh!3 and Travis Porter perform at WCU’s Starstruckk Party

The American electro pop group 3OH!3 alongside the hip hop group Travis Porter took to the stage Wednesday, Sept. 26 at the John W. Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center at Western Carolina University.

With the release of their new album Omens on Dec. 4, 3OH!3 decided to tour with their first stop on the BAC performing stage.

Last Minute Productions, as part of their yearly concerts, hosted the dubbed Starstruckk House Party.

Beccah Bleich, vice president of programming, said, “Each year we check our price range, who’s in the price range and how much they’re willing to negotiate. This year we thought a multi-genre would appeal to people.”

Fans began lining up at the door as early as 4 p.m. and prior to the concert Sean Foreman and Nat Motte of 3OH!3 held a small meet and greet with members of LMP where they took pictures, signed posters and gave student media the chance to ask them questions.

“It’s definitely stretching what we know and what we’ve been used to and taking it the next step,” said Foreman on their new album.

They plan to take it back to the basic with Foreman and Motte writing, producing and mixing.

“It’s a throwback to what we did in college and that was to have fun and make cool songs,” added Foreman.

3OH!3 is based out of Boulder, Col. Their name comes from the area code, 303, and it is a homage to who they are.

“I actually got a tattoo, a 3OH!3 tattoo on my leg,” said Foreman, “kind of like paying respect to where I’m from. When we were coming up with names, we just thought it was kind of cool.”

“Naming our band after our area code and where we’re from all comes together like an homage,” said Motte

Speaking of hometowns, both members’ parents love their music.

“We were playing a show in Colorado, and our whole families were there and at one point I ran up to my parents in the stand while I was singing,” said Motte.

The concert started off with DJ Motto performing as the doors opened for the audience and was followed by Travis Porter who is commonly known for the songs “Aww Yeah,” “Make It Rain” and “Bring It Back.” Travis Porter took some time to greet some fans during their performance by going out into the audience.

Before their performance, 3OH!3 did their traditional hacky sack hack circle.

“We decided we have to do a full hack with a hacky sack before we go on stage,” said Foreman.

“We usually just do a meet and greet and some interviews,” said Motte. “You get to meet people and learn some interesting things.”

3OH!3’s performance included smoke machines, lots of flashing lights and two animatronic wolves that shot lasers out of their eyes. They performed some of their hit songs like “My First Kiss,” “House Party” and ended with “Don’t Trust Me.”

“3OH!3 were so nice,” said Bleich. “They are great.”

“This record is our fourth record,” said Motte. “I’d like our music to be remembered for as fun music to listen to and go see live. And maybe in retrospect have some kind of impact on music whether its music in our genre or another genre.”