Lights and Luminaries in Dillsboro shine Christmas spirit

The town of Dillsboro strung up their amazing annual Christmas spirit during two weekends in December, the 7-8 and 14-15.

Sparkling lights and luminaries filled up the chilly nights as the visiting spectators, including children and adults of all ages, walked along the short streets that flowed with the warmth of Christmas. They were nights that filled people’s hearts with joy and celebrated Christmas traditions. Streaming lines of people crowded the streets of Dillsboro. Children lined up outside Santa’s shop, anxiously waiting to see the famous man in red.

As the crowds of people traveled from shop to shop, the paths were lit with the luminaries. Lighting each bag was a flame of fire that gave the pathways a beautiful glow.

 Visitors and residents could also take a turn in horse drawn carriages, one with jingling sleigh bells. These carriages were pulled by big black horses in red harnesses. Both carriages were strewn with bright gold lights and carried excited people.

People not being carried by four-legged animals enjoyed the different shops like the Golden Carp and the Dogwood Crafters. Outside of the Dogwood Crafters, hot apple cider was served to guests. Taking a sip of sweet apple cider gave people a sense of comfort knowing that Christmas was around corner.

“It put me in the Christmas mood,” stated Amanda Herbin, a student of Western Carolina University.

WCU sophomore Rebecca McCurly stated, “It is a magical mystical wonderland.”

All around Dillsboro, people shopped and took in the many sites free of charge. A tall and majestic Christmas tree held hundreds of bright lights and at the top a brilliant star. Almost every tree, shop and narrow archway was not without the occasional Christmas light.

Music was also a big factor on this night of Christmas sights and sounds. A musician played guitar and sang songs inside one shop while people looked at the artwork and pottery. Playing on a bench in the middle of a shopping square was a violinist. She played Christmas classics like “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “O Christmas Tree.”

The night of lights and hope brought out the Christmas spirit inside the hearts of many. The Lights and Luminaries in Dillsboro did not disappoint when it came to a night full of shopping, refreshments and entertainment. Everyone got a chance to have a little traditional holiday in the town of Dillsboro.