Local event to help Hydro Angels

In Franklin, a charity bowling event will take place on Sept. 7, to help raise money for Hydro Angels Over America, which assists those suffering from hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus is a life-threatening neurological disorder that affects 1 out of 500 babies born, and people of all ages can also develop it because of various reasons.

It is believed there are at least 1 million people in the country that have the condition. Hydrocephalus is a disorder where there is too much fluid on the brain, and it cannot go anywhere. Over time, the pressure builds and unless a device called a shunt is inserted, the patient will die. A shunt is a device that drains the fluid from the brain somewhere else in the body, normally to the abdomen. However, in some cases, that is not possible so they can drain the fluid into a vein leading to the heart or other organs in the body. 

Once a shunt is placed, the patient may face many brain surgeries throughout his or her life. These are called “revisions.” These revisions replace any part of the shunt system, which consists of the shunt valve, and the tubing, which empties the fluid somewhere in the body. The surgeries are often times very expensive and even with insurance, there are often large co-pays.

As a result of this, families often have to ask organizations, such as Hydro Angels Over America. Based in New Braunfels, Tex., the organization provides several needed types of assistance.

The organization hosts an annual nationwide bowling fundraiser in September, which is National Hydrocephalus Awareness month. All the money raised from this nationwide fundraiser goes directly back to helping patients and there families. Some of the services provided by Hydro Angels include:

•         Medical co-pay for surgery

•         Medical equipment

•         Medication

•         Medical supplies

•         Eye and hearing care

•         Therapy

•         Adaptive clothing 

•         Transportation for medical needs

The organization also offers other services like scholarships to college students. Once a year, Hydro Angels hosts an event to make a dream come true for an adult living with hydrocephalus. The 2012 award winner was a soldier that had to retire from the military as a result of having hydrocephalus. He received the opportunity to return to Alaska for a month to see family he had not been able to see since getting diagnosed with the condition.

There is also a summer camp for children with the condition and their families every year in Texas. Children can just be kids for a weekend and not have to deal with hospitals and doctors. Without the help from donations, it is not possible for the camp to continue.

The event in Franklin will take place at the local bowling alley, Franklin Lanes and Skate, located at 38 John Justice Road. Everyone who bowls in the event will receive a T-shirt reading, “I Helped Hydro Angels Strike Out Hydrocephalus.” There will also be the chance to win door prizes. One of them will be a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage. There will be the chance also for free chair massages at the fundraiser itself.  

The cost to participate is $25 per person or $100 per team. The registration fee includes two games of bowling, shoe rental and food. Each team needs to include four people, and the team captain needs to come up with a team name, and register online via

http://www.hydroangelsoveramerica.org/lets-go-bowling-america.html. If you are unable to register online, you can call 210-792-5215 or email wnchydroangel@hotmail.com.

Each team will be allowed to bowl two games, and then scores will be tallied. The person on each team with the highest score will receive a trophy.

To learn more about the organization visit the website at www.hydroangelsoveramerica.org.