Day: October 2, 2013


Meet Terry Welch

Chancellor Belcher is a busy man, for sure. So who keeps him and his schedule in line? Although the chancellor has a host of helpers, Terry Welch is his official assistant. She manages his schedule, messages and any other sort of paperwork imaginable. Welch has been with Western Carolina University […]


Taste Buds: Jack the Dipper Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” was a popular hit back in 1925 but still rings true today with Jack the Dipper Ice Cream. A rustic hometown ice cream parlor located right inside Sylva, Jack the Dipper opened in 1976 and has been going strong since. […]


Before They Were Educators: Dr. Mark Holliday

Dr. Mark Holliday of the mathematics and computer science department teaches computer science at Western Carolina University, as well as conducts research on database systems. Before he came to WCU, Holliday traveled around and engaged in software development for places such as NASA. Having a father who was in the […]