Taste Buds: Rolling Stone Burrito

In May of 2008, a new restaurant opened its doors to the Cullowhee community, an eatery called Rolling Stone Burrito. Described as a, “leap of faith” by owner Suzanne Stone, the restaurant has been a huge success with the community.

Stone, along with her husband and Western Carolina University professor Wes Stone, wanted to bring a hometown burrito place to the community. After living in Texas where burrito places were everywhere, Stone wanted to bring a piece of that to her new mountain home.

Wes Stone did all the restaurants designs, such as the logo, and construction for the shop as Suzanne Stone took care of the business itself.

Rolling Stone offers everything you would expect from a traditional burrito restaurant. You can get burritos, Quesadillas, nachos and soft tacos.

The restaurant is also home to the $5.55 burrito or burrito bowl, which comes with chips/salsa or a cup of rice and beans. One may choose which salsa and add items such as sour cream, cheese, meat and guacamole among other items. Choices of meat are pulled pork, Black Angus beef and white meat chicken. All of their burritos can also be made vegetarian.

Rolling Stone also offers specialty burritos all of which come with cheese, rice, beans, lettuce or spinach. Some of their specialty burritos range from the Loaded Banjo Boy, which also comes with pulled pork, queso, grilled onions and a choice of salsa for $7.85, to their Bob Marley, which comes with grilled plantains, sour cream and jerk sauce for $6.75. One can also get the Bob Marley also as a Quesadilla.

Rolling Stone Burrito is most famous for its Fire in the Hole burrito, the hottest burrito one can possibly order from the menu. It is made with “3 levels of hot sauce” said by Suzanne Stone and only offered on Fridays.

“Only about 1 in 10 people can finish the burrito,” said Suzanne Stone.

If you feel up to the challenge, you will get your picture taken and added to the Wall of Fame along side the countless others who have attempted the challenge.

For those not looking to spend a lot of money, Rolling Stone also offers a cheap eats menu where every item is less than $6. Items include a basket of chips and two salsas for $1.99 and a bean taco with chips and a drink for $4.63.

An interesting item that Rolling Stone also offers is their Puffy Chips, cut up taco shells that have been fried to perfection. Many patrons come just for those chips.

Rolling Stone Burrito makes all of its salsas and sauces daily. They have a variety of five different salsas: the Stone Bros, a mild red salsa; Cool Buzz, a creamy chipotle with a kick; Pico, fresh tomato, onion and cilantro; and Big Kahuna, pineapple cilantro salsa.

This reporter was treated to the Loaded Banjo Boy with their Cool Buzz sauce and a mini Bob Marley Quesadilla. The food was very delicious and spicy. The puffy chips tasted amazing. The restaurant also offers bottles of its Blaze sauce to add to your food, which is great for those spicy food lovers. One can also buy a bottle of Blaze or Fire sauce to take home for $4.99.

If you are looking for that classic burrito restaurant, there is no better place than Rolling Stone Burrito. For more information, you can call 828-293-7200 or visit their Facebook page.