Breaking News: It’s cold

Coming soon to a campus near you: cold temperatures that will turn your nose red and bring on the sniffles.

If you have not done so yet, Catamounts, now is the time to break out your winter coats! It seems this winter is starting out cold and will only get colder.

The Farmers Almanac is predicting that the weather is going to be below average for two thirds of the nation, and in western North Carolina, there are no exceptions.

In November, our average temperature is supposed to be in the 40’s, but come December, the average temperature is predicted to drop into an average of 30 degrees. That forecast is six degrees below average, even for the mountains, according to the Old Farmers Almanac.

Rainfall is expected to be a little below average in December, but it is still estimated that we will get about and inch and a half.

Because the majority of the month of December will be below freezing, snow is likely. Most of it will probably be a mixture of rain and snow, but we expect there to be snow showers during the beginning and end of December. Therefore, it is likely that WCU will see snow around the holiday season this year! However, like in previous years, it may be difficult to escape campus at the end of exams or to arrive in Cullowhee for the December 14 graduation.

If you live in the southeast portion of the nation, you can expect to have below average temperatures and above average snowfall, stated the Farmers Almanac.

Remember to bring your winter coats and woolen mittens back with you from Thanksgiving Break, because the rest of this semester will only be getting colder. Hopefully, there will be a great, long snow day of sledding, snowman-building, snow cream-making and skiing coming soon to campus.