SGA Update: A+ for students!

The SGA or Student Government Association works as the voice for all students on campus. It is their job to make sure events happen yearly while also making sure student concerns are heard and taken care of.

The start of a new semester means the start of new discussions and events for the SGA. Ryan Hermance, SGA President divulged the agenda for this current semester.

The first priority of the SGA will be improving the census. Instead of just having a chance informational meeting in the UC, the SGA has proposed to bring forums and information to the students, meaning that Scott, Walker and Buchannan will be visited in the seeable future. The SGA will be conducting surveys in order to learn what the student population feels they need to learn, in hopes of narrowing down the multitude of choices and giving students the best information.

Secondly, “A plus” was implemented last semester by the student senate, now needing the faculty senate to give their approval before any changes can be made.  “A plus” hopes to assist students who achieve A’s or A plus’ in their classes get the most out of their grades. Currently A’s are not weighted which deflates all A grades, but by implementing “A plus,” the scales will be leveled out and it will be possible to achieve a perfect grade point average of 4.0. “A plus” is also encouraging students to achieve more and allow students to get into more completive programs and/or schools by having weighted A’s.

The one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary of Western Carolina University marks a special year and calls for some extraordinary events. The SGA is hoping they can honor the school by revitalizing the “forgotten” garden between Moore and Madison. The SGA also hopes to have more student-centered activities, which goes perfectly with the 20/20 Vision.

Free WCU themed rally towels will be, hopefully, handed out during the next basket ball game against Appalachian State University. Go support your Catamounts.

Student Government elections will be held soon. Applications will be made available shortly.

For more information, following the SGA on their Facebook group and twitter page.