Day: September 30, 2020

Campus News

WCU’s Student Government Association adapts to COVID-19

As we enter the eighth week of classes, adjustments are still being made to ensure the success of the student body. Student Body President, Dawson Spencer, speaking on behalf of SGA, has assured students that they have been working tirelessly to keep up communication and continue implementing programs for students, […]


The advancement of voting machines in America

With the 2020 election soon upon us, some people are already filling out their absentee ballot or simply waiting until election day. What most people don’t know is the progress that these voting machines have made over the years. An undated photo of a lever voting machine. The first lever-operated voting […]


WCU says ‘no’ to a pass/fail grading option

On Sept. 17, a Western Carolina University student created a petition to implement a pass/fail grading system. This system was used in the spring 2020 semester. The author of the petition remains anonymous as “Western Carolina University Student,” but they described the reason for the petition as follows: “Many students […]


Debate fact-check: Cawthorn vs. Davis

On the eve of the fourth debate between Cawthorn and Davis today, Sept. 30, see some of the facts they have been saying in the previous debates. On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the third round of debating commenced for the NC-11 Congressional seat featuring Republican Madison Cawthorn and Democrat Moe Davis. […]