Bored out of your mind, yet?: What to watch during the break


Finals are finally over, and this dreadful semester is behind us. Thank goodness. Now you get to sleep all day and go crazy all night! But what exactly are you going to do? You have no homework, working during the break does not sound fun, and COVID-19 refuses to leave our lives.

You still need to make the most of your break when you are not spending it with family and the best way to do that is watching movies and binging tv shows! Keep reading for a list of the best shows and movies to watch while self-isolating for the holiday break!

  1. New Girl: A witty classic, if I do say so myself. There are seven glorious seasons of this show and each episode is just short enough that you could watch a whole season in one night. I say this from experience, of course. You can watch this show on Netflix and if you do not have an account, beg your besties that do.
  2. Schitt’s Creek: Another hilarious show found on Netflix. You want/need to laugh? Netflix is the place to go if you ask me. This show is especially bizarre and so unrealistic, which really just draws the audience farther in. There are six seasons, but I think it deserves a million. If you do not hit it off right away with one another, promise me you will give it a few episodes before you call it quits.
  3. Virgin River: This show definitely gave me mature Hart of Dixie I watched the first season in one sitting and was so upset to see that there was only one. However, Netflix just came out with another season and I know what I will be doing tonight. This show is a good one to distract you, but it pays well to focus during it rather than multitasking.
  4. The Crown: Netflix gets us right is all I have to say. New episodes have also been updated recently and I have to say that I had to stop watching this series. The audacity of these men baffles me and sometimes I get enough of that in the real world that I do not need it in the show I am watching. However, so many people enjoy this show, and I would definitely recommend it for those who love drama and history.
  5. Holidate: This next one breaks up our tv shows with a movie. For all those Emma Roberts fans out there, this is a much watch. It is perfect timing as well since Christmas is coming! So, get yourself in the mood for the festivities with this Netflix holiday movie.
  6. The Haunting of Bly Manor: Not in the mood for sweet shows and movies? Well, do not worry, I have got one for you! If you are a fan of The Haunting of Hill House you will love this, especially since most of the actors and actresses are the same. This is another show that I finished in one sitting and I have no regrets about it. There is love, heartbreak, and horror, what can be better than that?
  7. After We Collided: I would recommend watching After, the first movie, before you watch this one. Do you want to know what happened to Tessa after heartbreak? Well, I sure as heck cannot tell you, so looks like you have to watch the movie!
  8. The Queen’s Gambit: Oh. My. God. I am in love with Anya Taylor-Joy. Who knew she had so much talent? Watch the show on Netflix to see her battle addiction, love, and her fellow chess players. I know chess seems boring but dang if she does not make it seem like the coolest thing ever.
  9. #Alive: I have a confession to make: zombie movies are my ultimate guilty pleasure and this one does not disappoint. I do not know if I am crazy, but I saw a comparison between these two teens being isolated from disease and to our world now. Except, if we walk outside, we do not get torn apart by zombies.
  10. Rebecca: Talk about a huge twist! I cannot tell you, of course, but trust me it was marvelous. The previews will show you one thing and it is basically just the beginning of the movie but stick with it! It pays off if you do. And seriously, who does not love Lily James?
  11. Avengers Movies: Okay, enough about Netflix. Did you know every Marvel movie is on Disney+? Well now you do, so do not hesitate to binge the whole collection!
  12. Incredible 2: It took forever for the second one to come out, but man was it worth it. The quality of this movie is phenomenal, and I know the ending leaves people a little disappointed, but it is such a great distinction from the first movie!
  13. Coco: This is the best Disney/Pixar movie and I stand by that assessment. There are such amazing familial and cultural themes in this movie that it truly warms the Grinch’s cold and tiny heart.
  14. The Grinch: Speaking of the Grinch, you have to watch this movie. I do not care which one you watch, animated or live-action. It is a must-watch for the holiday season!
  15. Hamilton: This is another one for our history and drama lovers! I have watched this probably twenty times and that is not an exaggeration. It is such an amazing way in which to blend history with modern music: beautiful.

Now you cannot say you have nothing to do over break since I just supplied you with fifteen! Again, do not be afraid to beg friends, family, and even enemies for that Netflix/Disney+ subscription. I promise it is worth it. Have a great break before we do this all over again next semester.