Closed Curtain Review: Seeing Sound – A Musical Journey of Water and Light

If you could see sound, what would you see?

Well, at the Bardo Arts Center’s latest opening performance, audiences experienced the visual and musical arts of water, sound, light, resonance, vibration, frequency, harmony, and music through their latest live performance, Seeing Sound: A musical Journey of Water and Light.

On Oct. 14 and 15, the Bardo Arts Center at Western Carolina University opened with a brand-new live performance dedicated to the musical properties and representation of light and water. Through this, the audience was given an out-of-body experience of color, light, and beautiful music from the WCU Wind Ensemble, Cherokee Chamber Ensemble, and various local performers; as well as amazing lighting visuals from the artistic and technical team at the Bardo Arts Center.

Photo Credit: Jill Jacobs, Bardo Arts Center Marketing Manager

The show opened with The Beginning, a telling of life with singing bowls followed by a Cherokee morning song and prayer. The vibrations from water and the beautiful voice of the Cherokee Chamber Ensemble created what is quite literally a liquid sound of elegance that tells the story of creation and life. Following this was Liquid Compass by the WCU wind Ensemble directed by Dr. Margaret Underwood, all of whom deliver a thrilling performance. The following sections of the show were an assortment of tear-jerking musical escapades, amazing visuals of colorful lighting connected to the music played by performers, and comedic conversation that brought the audience all together with a group rendition of Over the Rainbow.

After the show, performers were asked: How did it feel to perform in such an inspiring and monumental show for the Bardo Arts Center?

“The feeling and the vibes are absolutely incredible! Being able to see sound with colors is such a beautiful sight to see! Even us musicians can’t help but to look and see the colors that were being displayed. It’s amazing to see how music has evolved over many years and it’s only going to get better,” Violinist Brandon Rice said.

“I’m very honored to have been a part of this creative vision coming from Michel Yannette and Scott Ashley. I’m so honored to have been involved and it’s so exciting to get back to live performing. I can’t say enough about this show- it’s one of my favorite live performances ever,” Flautist Bonnie Rossa said. 

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