Names revealed for under-construction residence halls

One of the most popular characteristics of WCU is its proximity to several beautiful, adventure-filled mountain ranges, national parks, and roaring rivers. 

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, WCU has proudly won the title of “Top Adventure College” five times from the annual Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine online poll.

The beautiful mountain ranges surrounding this campus have inspired multiple aspects of the infrastructure and character of WCU; including Balsam and Blue-Ridge Residence Halls. 

In a press release from the university on Nov. 10, it was announced that the three, currently under-construction residence halls located at the front of campus finally have names.

The WCU Board of Trustees decided on the names: Water Rock Hall, Shining Rock Hall and Black Rock Hall. 

Inspired by local mountain locations with 30 miles of campus, these residence halls will continue the tradition of celebrating the beautiful scenery around us. 

“In honor of WCU’s stewardship role in the western mountains of North Carolina, the university, in 2009, chose the names of Balsam and Blue Ridge for the residence halls in the central core of the campus,” said WCU Chancellor Kelli R. Brown in the press release on Nov. 10. “To carry this tradition into the future and to create an integral core of residence halls on the lower campus, we proposed these names to our board and I am happy with the board’s positive response.”

Two of the three residence halls are projected to be ready for move-in come fall 2022, with the third being completed the following spring 2023. All three halls will be used as freshman housing. 


Check out a photo of the current construction and the mountain ranges that inspired the names below.

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‘Waterrock Knob’