Throwing in the right direction

Disc Golf is continuously growing in popularity among colleges and universities. Here at Western Carolina University, there is a Disc Golf club that continues to showcase amazing talent! The club Disc Golf team is playing in the national tournament right outside of Asheville this April.  

The Western Carolinian interviewed Hunter Embler, co-captain for the team, about the club’s background and how Embler got into disc golf. The team has around fifteen participants and finds practice time at the Jackson County Disc Golf course or the Western Carolina disc golf course. 

The season for disc golf is unlike other sports since it is a year-round competition.

Photo by Logan Johnson

“We played a tournament in November 2022, and had our most recent one this past February. We have been finishing around the top half in each tournament, but we have not had the results we know we are capable of yet,” Embler said.  

The team has only been able to send a full first and second-string team to one tournament.  

The National Championship for Disc Golf Club is rapidly approaching, and the team is steadily practicing to prepare for it. The championship will be held in Marion, North Carolina, just an hour outside of Asheville. It is held April 5 to 8. Last year there were over five hundred participants at the championship. The championship costs around $450.00 to enter and the schedule has not been posted yet because there is still time to enter. 

With every team or sport, there are challenges and positives that are experienced.  

We haven’t had an opportunity to have a big moment this season, I believe. The College Disc Golf layout changed significantly this year, and our next few tournaments are our chances to have that big moment. Our biggest moment was right at the end of last season, when we went into a playoff for the D2 National Championship, but unfortunately lost 4 holes into the playoffs. Our big moment this year is coming,” Embler said. 

The team is anticipating a big win in this championship. With hopes for good weather conditions for the championship, Embler said the team’s lowest moments have been the weather interfering with practices or tournaments.  

“We’ve played three tournaments this year, and all of them have been rainy. This has led to some lackluster performances from us, but it is all just a learning experience for the seniors, all the way to the freshmen.” 

The team would like to highlight the seniors this tournament as their college careers come to a close: Parker Samotis (Spring 2023), Alan Webster (Spring 2023), Bradley Flemming (Spring 2023), Greg Dozier (Spring 2023), Hunter Embler (Fall 2023) and Tanner Williams (Fall 2023). 

For more information on the club and their schedule/results, find them on Engage. If you or your friends are interested in joining the club, the captain’s contact information can be found on their Engage.