MyWCU revision planned for spring 2024

MyWCU is the backbone of student life at WCU. It provides a host of services for active students, ranging from registration and advising to scholarships and billing. 

 Recently, as explained by Chris Baxley, WCU IT lead architect and developer, myWCU will be getting rebuilt.  

 “The current version of myWCU is being retired by the vendor, and this retirement offered the myWCU team an opportunity to speak with students, faculty, and staff about what they wanted to see in the next generation myWCU experience,” Baxley wrote in an email.

 He said the most important difference lies in the student-focused design of the program. 

 MyWCU will soon offer an “action center” which acts as a dynamic to-do list for students, faculty, and staff. The “my profile” section will provide a snapshot of student records such as #920, academic program, and mailing address. “My files” will give students quick access to recent files to ease submissions and editing. 

 “…The new Action Center may take some time to get university processes on board. We believe, however, that once it’s established, the Action Center will become an essential communication tool across campus,” Baxley wrote. 

 Sophomore Erik Rich hopes the update will improve functionality of the service. “MyWCU feels a little cluttered, maybe the update will simplify things,” Rich said.  

  Baxley expects the next generation of myWCU to go live fall 2024. Beta versions will be accessible to select audiences during fall 2023 and spring 2024. 

 Baxley is hopeful for the future of the program. “With the next generation of myWCU, we expect enhanced efficiencies with daily tasks, additional responsiveness to items requiring attention, and generally being easier to use and more customizable,” Baxley wrote. 

 The WCU Division of Information Technology searches for student input to help shape the future of the service.