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Student voters take to the polls

Early voting is open as Jackson County prepares for the North Carolina primary election. Five polling places have been established across the county. Locations include the Cashiers Recreation Center, Cullowhee Recreation Center, the Qualla Community Center in Whittier and the Jackson County Board of Elections office in Sylva.  To provide […]

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The ethics of AI in higher education

The onset of AI has brought new, exciting creations but, like many innovations, challenges persist. Concerns especially in the realm of education have become a hot topic from K-12 to higher education. Many can agree, ethical issues are at the heart of the growing intelligence.   The release of ChatGPT in […]


Smart future: Implementing AI in higher education

Development in artificial intelligence is quickly changing the way we live our lives. As the world advances at great speed, it is increasingly important we be aware of technologies developing around us.   Students, instructors and administrators are all grappling with the rapid development of artificial intelligence. But as we try […]


Support for Kevin Mabus

Kevin Mabus is the Cat-Tran student-shift supervisor and is a friend to all who know him. Through this role he has created meaningful relationships and shared his wisdom with countless students and staff all while maintaining a safe and welcoming working environment.   Unfortunately, last December, Mabus began to notice issues […]


Investigation continues in Shining Rock arson case

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has joined WCU Police in the Nov. 14 Shining Rock arson investigation.  The WCU Police Department received reports of a fire in Shining Rock Residence Hall Tuesday Nov. 14. Smoke was traced to two trash cans burning in a communal bathroom.   This marks […]

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Keeping an eye to the sky in Cullowhee

Birding, as it is formally known, is gaining popularity within the greater Tuckasegee area. Topher Stephens, a Caney Fork local, along with Sylva mayor Dave Nestler set out to create a community where they could enjoy their shared interest in birds.   Together they created Tuck Birders, a club with a […]


Breathtaking scenery only a short drive from campus

Just minutes from downtown Sylva, Pinnacle Park offers Jackson County residents a peaceful getaway from the stresses of daily life. The park offers both relaxing and strenuous hikes as well as a certified forest therapy trail within the thousand-acre preserve.   Pinnacle Bald, the aptly named rock face at the […]

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MyWCU revision planned for spring 2024

MyWCU is the backbone of student life at WCU. It provides a host of services for active students, ranging from registration and advising to scholarships and billing.   Recently, as explained by Chris Baxley, WCU IT lead architect and developer, myWCU will be getting rebuilt.    “The current version of myWCU is […]