Support for Kevin Mabus

Kevin Mabus is the Cat-Tran student-shift supervisor and is a friend to all who know him. Through this role he has created meaningful relationships and shared his wisdom with countless students and staff all while maintaining a safe and welcoming working environment.  

Unfortunately, last December, Mabus began to notice issues with his left eye. After speaking with doctors at Duke University, he learned that multiple operations may be necessary to maintain his health. 

Mabus will soon undergo surgeries to his left eye and upper sinus and hopes to make a swift return to the job. While many miss Mabus and want to see him back, it comes at quite an expense. 

 Daria Mendez is a student and close friend of Mabus. Like many others, she developed a connection with Mabus while working under his supervision. After hearing of Mabus’ condition, Mendez created a GoFundMe page to gain support for Mabus’ future surgeries.  

To Mendez, Mabus is more than just a supervisor.  

“From having conversations about music to having conversations about heartbreak and spirituality, he has seen many young adults become great humans because of his advice and patient mentorship,” Mendez said. 

Mabus began working with Cat-Tran in 2016 and was promoted to his current role in 2017. He has not missed a day since.

Mendez says Mabus is known for his gracious attitude and genuine care for those around him. He has a passion for his work that shines on the entire community. Mendez says his leadership has seen many students come and go and has inspired countless more.