Graffiti in Apodaca leads to new surveillance cameras

An incident of graffiti was documented in the Apodaca Science Building during the fall 2023 semester. The graffiti consisted of negative anti-feminine comments written on white boards and some of the flat surfaces like the tables and walls in the surrounding area. 

WCU campus police chief Steve Lillard says the department answered a call about “threatening remarks” in Apodaca and discovered the graffiti.  

“While most of the comments were directed towards the female gender, none of the comments were directed at a particular individual,” Lillard said. 

The individual responsible for the graffiti was identified and has been criminally charged with destruction of property according to Lillard. The identity of the individual was not disclosed by campus PD. 

Courtesy of WCU Photo Services.

In light of the recent graffiti, the College of Arts and Sciences has looked into installing new surveillance cameras inside the academic building. 

Dean David Kinner pushed for the installation of additional cameras in Apodaca. 

“We had initiated a conversation [about installing cameras],” Kinner said. “The reason why it was doable in Apodaca, and it may not be in other buildings is because there was infrastructure that was set up that made it easier to do that.” 

WCU prides itself on being an inclusive and safe campus for everyone. Kinner reiterates these sentiments. 

“I just want people to feel comfortable coming into our learning spaces,” Kinner said. “One of the reasons we created Apodaca is that we want people to feel at home. Anything that undermines people’s feeling of comfort and belonging is not something we like happening. If people see this stuff going on, be sure to let somebody know so we can be sure that it’s not continuing.” 

To report a non-emergency incident to the WCU Police Department, call (828) 227-7301. Other contact information and services can be found at the WCU Police Department’s website.