Author: Aidan Shelton


Catamount dining services carries on throughout pandemic

College students are simple creatures. They require an internet connection, a place to sleep, and calories. Lots of calories. Without food, students and staff alike would struggle significantly to produce the results they desire. That being said, feeding a university is no small task.  Western Carolina University has a population […]


Campus club works to fight climate crisis

The clubs of Western Carolina University frequently turn to tabling in the fountain area on campus for a variety of causes. Recently, a new group has started advocating for greater environmental awareness.  Sunrise is a new club on campus and one rapidly gaining attention. They work in the community to […]


Opinion: Yik-Yak and Anonymity

Yik-Yak, the notorious anonymous messaging app, recently returned from a four-year hiatus after being shut down in May 2017. Founded by Furman University students Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington and initially introduced in November 2013, Yik-Yak enables users to communicate with others within a 5-mile radius. Here is the catch. […]