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Portioning issues in dining leads to a resolution

In February 2023, student Jacob Dillhyon messaged the Carolinian on Instagram asking for his experience with WCU Dining Services to be told.   His message:   “This is regarding a string of messages I’ve had with Dining Services regarding their fatphobia they are presenting as well as discrimination against those with medical […]


Micro-aggressions: The comfortable uncomfortable

“Micro-aggressions, even though they’re small, when you deal with them a lot of times throughout your life, they become bigger issues.”  Nursing student JammyLee Saintons and nursing professor Dr. Mariana Da Costa taught students the importance of understanding micro-aggressions during their event “Making the Invisible Visible: Let’s Talk about Micro-Aggressions” […]


New dietician working to bring more diversity to food at WCU

Catamount Dining has added a new member to their team, dietician Meghan Dempsey. Dempsey received her bachelor’s in nutrition from Appalachian State University and started as dining’s only registered dietician at the beginning of the semester.  Dempsey has been tabling at Courtyard Dining’s cafeteria by the coffee station, awaiting […]

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The unseen scars of veterans

Unseen Scars, an event to break the stigma of what veterans go through and to raise awareness of the mental health resources that veterans need, was hosted on Nov. 9 in the UC Theater.   Student Veterans Association (SVA), the WCU Military Services and DegreePlus hosted this event where a panel […]

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New sculpture in front of Apodaca

This article comes from a press release titled “New Sculpture Coming Soon to WCU’s Apodaca Science Building”    Western Carolina University’s Apodaca Science Building will have a new sculpture in front, named “Staurolite”. The sculpture was created by artist Hoss Haley.    The piece will be installed shortly “within the next […]

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HomeBase helping with housing during holidays 

When a student needs food or shelter for the holidays, where do they go? Since the dorms are closed, where can they stay? HomeBase is here to help!  HomeBase, a ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, provides resources and support for all students. The ministry has a list […]


Student entrepreneurs: their motivation and drive

For a college student, life moves faster than the eye can see. There are endless deadlines, homework assignments, tests, group projects and so much more. The pressure gets heavier and heavier as we figure out what we want to do, how to get involved and what comes next.   Stephen Rider […]