Author: Tessa Bradshaw


Opinion: Remember the truth this holiday season

When I was growing up and went to school the week before Thanksgiving, I remember being taught that the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving is that peaceful Native Americans saw struggling settlers and offered them a hand in learning the ways of living on this new land. As a show […]


Local organizations work to fill tables on Thanksgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time to visit friends and family, yell across the dinner table for someone to pass the rolls, and maybe get into a little argument with the in-laws over who was supposed to bring the green bean casserole. However, everyone’s holiday traditions look a little […]


Madison Cawthorn holds meeting despite mask mandates

Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district appeared at a Turning Point USA meeting on Oct. 5 at Western Carolina University. The controversial and conservative member of congress was seen by a crowd of an estimated 140 people from students, university staff and the community. Less than a […]


Project C.A.R.E. celebrates 30 years

All Western Carolina University students define home differently. Some might say home is where they were born or where they are currently living, however, for some students, their home goes by the name, Project C.A.R.E.  Project C.A.R.E will soon be celebrating 30 years of being on Western Carolina University’s campus. […]


Refusal to wear a mask comes with consequences

It is no surprise that face masks have become mandatory at Western Carolina University, but did you know that students can get fined for not wearing their face masks?  In the WCU Code of Student Conduct, it has been added to the list of items students must follow and if […]