Author: Sara Stanley

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Oct. 7

Over the last week, I have received an outpouring of positive comments about this publication returning to print—a general feeling of optimism and hope for a healthy future in the press. Not only were readers excited to see that this university has a printed publication, but they were relieved to […]

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Sept. 23

Student-led publications are being killed off by the very administrations that fund them. This is an uncomfortable opinion that I have developed during the last five weeks of my time as editor-in-chief. Of course, I had my suspicions long before now due to the frequent barriers put in place to […]


Pinnacle Relief

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Project C.A.R.E. celebrates 30 years

All Western Carolina University students define home differently. Some might say home is where they were born or where they are currently living, however, for some students, their home goes by the name, Project C.A.R.E.  Project C.A.R.E will soon be celebrating 30 years of being on Western Carolina University’s campus. […]


An Appalachian spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As I walked down to the pavilion, I was instantly teleported to an Appalachian interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The fiddler played a lovely tune as I took in the transformed pavilion that blended right into the nature surrounding us. Peter Savage, the director of this lovely performance, further […]


Catamount football suffers from losing streak

The Western Carolina Catamount football team has had a very disappointing start to the 2021 season. The Catamounts came into this year hopeful, with new head coach Kerwin Bell stepping into his first D1 head coaching job. However, the Catamounts have failed to live up to expectations, starting the season […]


What is the ‘body farm’?

Though the human decomposition facility, commonly known as the “Body Farm,” has been part of WCU for over a decade, most students still don’t know exactly what it is. Whether due to the location being kept a secret or that it’s just not discussed often, the ‘stinky jewel of western’ […]

Arts News

Statue brings attention to historical culture

The “Harriet Tubman- Journey to Freedom” traveling sculpture began its stop in Sylva with its dedication ceremony held on Sept. 26. The statue, which is 9 feet tall and weighs over  240 pounds, is now located in Bridge Park in downtown Sylva and will remain there until  Dec. 20 when […]


Long lines lead to hungry students

Campus dining has been plagued with issues including incredibly long lines, the closing of restaurants, and an overall decline in food availability. It is something that we have all been dealing with for the past month and it has started to cause some talk among students and parents. But why […]