Author: Payton Feeley


Covid Cluster Rocks Western Students

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, Western Carolina University released a statement exposing a cluster of 17 COVID-19 cases from students, all residing from Harrill Residence Hall. This is the first and largest cluster of cases we have seen yet this school year and raises some concerns with parents and students alike. […]


Editorial: UNC Board of Governors, fix this or resign

When The Daily Tar Heel called this whole situation a clusterfuck, they were on to something. A majority of students would’ve been able to tell you that we saw this coming. Yet, the UNC Board of Governors (BOG) chose to continually ignore students, experts, faculty and staff concerns, pleas and […]


SGA Vice-Presidential Candidate Debate

On Thursday, Feb. 27 Student Government Association’s debates continued in the UC theater, this time for the vice-presidential candidates – Aaron Speyer and Kasson Mitchell. The debates were moderated once again by Alejandra Cespedes, the elections committee chair, Ashley Faulkner and Jordan Waldroop. Questions were pre-written and submitted by students […]


Whee Talk: Racial Justice

The founders of “From Privilege to Progress” came and talked to Western Carolina University students on Feb. 4. Melissa Depino and Michelle Saahene spoke to a crowd of about 45 students to encourage them to stand up against racism when they see it. They started the Whee Talk by showing […]


Before They Were Educators: Brett Kinser

Dr. Brett Kinser, Department Head of English at Western Carolina University, signs all his mass emails “The Grey Beard Loon” despite his beard being a goatee and on the darker end of the salt-and-pepper scale.  His academic accomplishments are varied and great, including upcoming works published by Oxford and California […]