Author: Erica McCurdy


Black History Month: What Does That Mean to WCU

Black History Month is a time to share not only stories of influential African Americas, but also celebrate what being black truly means and how it is showcased in communities. Being at Western Carolina University, that might look a little different than in other places, geographically. Though WCU’s numbers are […]


Civil Rights Activist Dr. Benjamin Chavis Speaks at WCU

Dr. Benjamin Chavis has been part of the civil rights movement since he was 12 years old. He worked with Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an African-American civil rights organization focused on non-violent resistance to enact social change. Chavis spoke at Western Carolina University as […]


Sigma Alpha Epsilon ends pledging

Since 2006, nine Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers have died during fraternity related deaths. Eight of those people were pledges. In a unanimous vote from the SAE Supreme Council to avoid incidences such as these, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s council has made a change in their new-member programming that makes “The True […]


Menz becomes EIC, Auffhammer to become Managing Editor

As of May 13, Alexa “Lex” Menz became Editor-in-Chief of The Western Carolinian campus newspaper. Previously, Menz was Co-Editor alongside English – professional writing major Ryan Alexander. Alexander stepped down from his position as Co-Editor to take an internship with the Special Olympics as part of his degree requirements. When […]


Voting issues plague SGA election; Eaves wins final tally

(Editor’s Note: Please check back online and in our next print edition (April 7) for updated content on this report.) Though not reaching the magnitude of what happened during the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, voting issues plagued last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) election, forcing a recount of the […]


Before They Were Educators: Dr. Bruce Henderson

(Editor’s Note: The following is the third part of a series of articles looking at the lives of WCU faculty and staff before they were educators.)   Long before he was being called “Dr.”, he was known as Bruce, and before he was molding the minds of Catamounts as a […]


The history of Jackson County’s old courthouse

On June 29, the cupola on top of the old Jackson County Courthouse was removed from its perch to undergo repairs for the second time since it was first built in 1913. Only a few years before its centennial, the courthouse, which is the most photographed building in Western North […]


WCU alum uses dancing minor to become NFL cheerleader

With football season right around the corner, Panther fans are gearing up and anticipating a good season. Panther fan and Western Carolina University alumni, Tara Mull Ryan, isn’t just excited to watch the games, but is excited to start her fifth year as a Panther “TopCat” Cheerleader. Ryan, who currently […]


Discover Precious Stones by Visiting Franklin’s Gem Mine

One of the driving forces in the settlement of this country was the pursuit of wealth. Settlers pushed ever deeper into the unknown wilderness, as rumors of gold and other precious minerals reached civilized lands. Today, gem mining in areas like Franklin offers the public a chance to experience the […]


Former WCU Graduate Wins Film School Fellowship

Tad Daggerhart, a 2008 graduate of Western Carolina University, has been awarded an Annenberg Graduate Fellowship to continue his studies in the writing program at the University of Southern California Film School The USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Program provides eligible graduate students in three USC schools funding so they may […]