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N.C. 107: pain, but eventual gain

Originally published by The Sylva Herald  Businesses along Highway 107 lay stark and empty as the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) prepares to widen the route between Cullowhee and Sylva. Graffiti coats the sides of once well-loved buildings and community staples as many businesses have closed or relocated to […]


Smart future: implementing AI in higher education

Development in artificial intelligence is quickly changing the way we live our lives. As the world advances at great speed, it is increasingly important we be aware of technologies developing around us.   Students, instructors and administrators are all grappling with the rapid development of artificial intelligence. But as we try […]


Cullowhee Community Garden stays hot during winter months

Even through winter, as the ground chills over with frost and the plants slowly die, the Cullowhee Community Garden remains hard at work. To avoid the ever-growing cold season, the garden utilizes a greenhouse that cuts through the path of the garden.   Through the greenhouse, David Claxon, the garden manager, […]