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Letter to the Editor: 11/4

Dear Editor, We all know that diversity and inclusion are essential on campus. Many of us were even required to take courses on the subject at the beginning of the semester, however it seems many of our peers have dismissed what they learned in favor of harmful hate and slander. […]

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Oct. 7

Over the last week, I have received an outpouring of positive comments about this publication returning to print—a general feeling of optimism and hope for a healthy future in the press. Not only were readers excited to see that this university has a printed publication, but they were relieved to […]

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Sept. 23

Student-led publications are being killed off by the very administrations that fund them. This is an uncomfortable opinion that I have developed during the last five weeks of my time as editor-in-chief. Of course, I had my suspicions long before now due to the frequent barriers put in place to […]