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Things heat up at Panda Express

First responders answered a call about a gas leak at Panda Express in the Courtyard dining hall at 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 12.  According to Jeffery Marshall, residential district manager of Aramark, the gas leak occurred when the burners at Panda Express were being replaced. One new burner was not […]


What a waste: the journey of uneaten food at WCU

Imagine this, you’re at the dining hall after a long day, feeling especially hungry. You load your plate with extra food, grab a salad and some ever-essential dessert. You’re halfway through your food when you realize your eyes were bigger than your stomach. You finish what you can and leave […]


Catamount dining services carries on throughout pandemic

College students are simple creatures. They require an internet connection, a place to sleep, and calories. Lots of calories. Without food, students and staff alike would struggle significantly to produce the results they desire. That being said, feeding a university is no small task.  Western Carolina University has a population […]


Long lines lead to hungry students

Campus dining has been plagued with issues including incredibly long lines, the closing of restaurants, and an overall decline in food availability. It is something that we have all been dealing with for the past month and it has started to cause some talk among students and parents. But why […]