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Campus News

Things heat up at Panda Express

First responders answered a call about a gas leak at Panda Express in the Courtyard dining hall at 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 12.  According to Jeffery Marshall, residential district manager of Aramark, the gas leak occurred when the burners at Panda Express were being replaced. One new burner was not […]


What a waste: the journey of uneaten food at WCU

Imagine this, you’re at the dining hall after a long day, feeling especially hungry. You load your plate with extra food, grab a salad and some ever-essential dessert. You’re halfway through your food when you realize your eyes were bigger than your stomach. You finish what you can and leave […]


New dietician working to bring more diversity to food at WCU

Catamount Dining has added a new member to their team, dietician Meghan Dempsey. Dempsey received her bachelor’s in nutrition from Appalachian State University and started as dining’s only registered dietician at the beginning of the semester.  Dempsey has been tabling at Courtyard Dining’s cafeteria by the coffee station, awaiting […]