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Opinion: A visit to the Holocaust exhibit

While walking around on campus, I came across an advertisement for the Holocaust Exhibit at the UC. It made me think about what history I had learned in my early education. A general overview of the tragedy, in the context of WW2, accompanied by a reading of Night.  It was […]


Opinion: Yik-Yak and Anonymity

Yik-Yak, the notorious anonymous messaging app, recently returned from a four-year hiatus after being shut down in May 2017. Founded by Furman University students Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington and initially introduced in November 2013, Yik-Yak enables users to communicate with others within a 5-mile radius. Here is the catch. […]


Opinion: Protecting the true version of U.S. history

Critical race theory is rapidly disappearing from some teachers’ curriculum and the quiet ban has already swept through 27 states. It is so important to protect the teaching of critical race theory in school because without it we would be one step closer to the erasure of minorities within history.  […]


Letter from the editor: Nov. 18

As the holiday season approaches, it is necessary that we all take a step back from our busy lives to appreciate the privileges that we have. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the good within our lives when everything is so hectic and dim. I frequently struggle to find […]


Opinion: For the love of green bean casserole

When you think of Thanksgiving, what do you think of? Food, family, crafts, shopping, etc.? Well, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of crowding into my grandparents’ house with my whole family dressed up. We normally eat Thanksgiving “linner”, late lunch, and an early dinner. We have the typical […]