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Campus housing waitlist causes panic among students

As of March 19, over 450 students have been waitlisted for on-campus housing in the 2024-2025 academic year.   To Bryant Barnett, executive director of residential living, the waitlist is bittersweet. “I understand why there’s disappointment,” Barnett said, “You wish you could make everybody happy, but it’s not ever possible in […]


Investigation continues in Shining Rock arson case

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has joined WCU Police in the Nov. 14 Shining Rock arson investigation.  The WCU Police Department received reports of a fire in Shining Rock Residence Hall Tuesday Nov. 14. Smoke was traced to two trash cans burning in a communal bathroom.   This marks […]


Updated, Controversial Residential Living Policy…. Now What?

Fall 2022 on-campus may look a little different than it does now for second-year students.  This change is because of a “new” policy that requires students to live on campus during their first two years of college. Policy 96 is not actually new, however, as it was first established in […]