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Closed Curtain Review: Romeo and Juliet

“Are you kidding me?”  That was my first thought when the School of Stage and Screen’s Romeo & Juliet began on Thursday, Feb. 17.  It was a happy thought and one full of excitement because I knew that if the first minute of the play brought laughing tears to my […]

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Closed Curtain Review: Heathers: The Musical

I have never attended a play with so much emotion and excitement that at times the clapping and whistles were deafening. If this type of breathtaking entertainment is what you’re after, look no further- Heathers: The Musical is here. With voices that carry, and a heavy dose of comedic relief […]

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An Appalachian spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As I walked down to the pavilion, I was instantly teleported to an Appalachian interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The fiddler played a lovely tune as I took in the transformed pavilion that blended right into the nature surrounding us. Peter Savage, the director of this lovely performance, further […]