SGA: Legislative Update One


On Sunday, Feb. 9, Western Carolina University’s Student Government Association debuted its “Legislative Updates” via IGTV featuring Vice President Dawson Spencer discussing new resolutions, officer appointments, approved supplemental funding, senate location changes and campus partner presentations.

F19-14: Implementation of Minority Recruitment Program

  • Sent to the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions Scott Cooper.

S20-01: Free Adobe Products

  • Sent to the Faculty Senate.
    • Decide where the allocation will come from, if they’re okay with the resolution, what departments/classes will have it, etc.

S20-02: Postpone Resolution F19-09

  • Passed last semester.
  • F19-09 required mathematics and formulas for elections that are not available to Western Carolina at this time.
  • Will remain in the bylaws but will not be in effect until next year.

S20-03: Urges NCGA to Adjust FY19-21 Budget

  • NC Promise will no longer be enacted if the budget is not passed.

Officer Appointments:

  • President Pro Tempore – Clarissa Mitchell
  • Greek Committee Chair – Carleigh Ballard
  • Finance Committee Chair – Kasson Mitchell
  • Elections Vice Chair – Jordan Waldroop
  • PR & Marketing – Samantha Draper

Supplemental Funding:

  • Club Manager Association
  • Circle K International
  • Student Democracy Coalition
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • History Club

Presentations From:

  • Out of the Darkness
  • Parking Services
  • Information Technology

Student Senate Locations Change:

  • Feb. 10 – Belk 104
  • Feb. 17 – UC Grandroom
  • Feb. 24 – Belk 104

Senate occurs 6-8 pm every Monday and is open to the public. Watch the full IGTV below.